1st Annual Sportsman’s Raffle Official Rules

  1. All Federal and State Laws will be followed.

  2. Winner’s must show State issued driver’s license and allow us to make a photocopy to claim prize.

  3. If you fail required background checks for a gun, you will forfeit your prize completely and prize may not be substituted for cash.

  4. You must choose a prize when notification is made.

  5. You have one week to make contact with company representative to claim prize your once notification is made.

  6. Representatives from NPEVFD will contact each winner by phone and email.

  7. Winning ticket numbers will be posted on department website within 12 hours of drawing.

  8. Winner’s names will not be posted.

  9. Drawing will take place on Sept. 27th at 12pm at our station (7500 North Point Rd) during our Chicken Bar BQ.

  10. NPEVFD reserves the right to substitute a comparable prize in the event an advertised prize is unavailable.

  11. All specific gun questions should be referred to Blue Fin’s Bait and Tackle.

  12. Prizes will be awarded in the form of a certificate redeemable at Blue Fin’s Bait and Tackle, 700B Wise Avenue, Dundalk, MD 21222, 410-477-9244

  13. If a winner selects the $350 cash prize in lieu of a gun, cash will be given to the winner after they sign a NPEVFD receipt.

  14. At no time will NPEVFD be in possession of the guns. They remain sole property of Blue Fin’s Bait and Tackle until all paperwork is completed and Blue Fin’s Bait and Tackle releases the gun to the winner.

  15. Winner will be responsible for all fees and taxes related to taking ownership of the gun.

  16. All applicable firearm purchase procedures will be performed by licensed personnel at Blue Fin’s Bait and Tackle.

  17. Non Maryland residents who win, must follow laws of MD and state of residence.

  18. Only the named winner on a ticket may claim prize.

  19. Prizes will be awarded as follows:

    1. 1st Ticket Drawn selects one of five prizes

    2. 2nd Ticket Drawn selects one of remaining four prizes

    3. 3rd Ticket Drawn selects one of remaining three prizes

    4. 4th Ticket Drawn selects one of remaining two prizes

    5. 5th Ticket Drawn receives remaining prize

  20. If any winner selects cash instead of a gun, the remaining winners will have more options to select but no additional tickets will be drawn and remaining guns will remain property of Blue Fins.


The North Point - Edgemere Volunteer Fire Department is in need of community support to purchase a new Fire/Rescue boat to replace our current 1986 boat.

Since its founding in 1936, the North Point-Edgemere Volunteer Fire Department has provided fire, rescue, and EMS service.  In 1986, our first and current Marine Unit, MU269, was purchased and has been in service for over 28 years. Unfortunately, due to normal wear and tear, the service life of this boat is nearing its end.  North Point-Edgemere VFD is currently in the process of designing it's replacement.  The new boat will be approximately 22 feet long, compared to our current 18 foot boat.  This boat will provide a better service during year round emergencies and will provide better crew and patient protection.  The boat's design will include a large capacity fire pump, state of the art electronics, and much more.  However, in order to bring the best service to the over 175 miles of coast line and surrounding areas, we need your help.  Your contributions would help us continue to provide this valuable service.  Please go to our Fundly™ page by clicking the link below to make a donation.  Thank you for your continued support to the men and women of our Volunteer Fire Department.

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