3 Fires in Quick Succession

Dineen Drive

 The past week kept North Point-Edgemere volunteers busy with numerous calls, including three house fires.

Just after midnight on December 26Th, Squad 262 was alerted for a house fire in the Dundalk area on Dineen Drive in Inverness. Units from the Wise Avenue and Dundalk fire station's arrived to find heavy fire showing. Squad 262's crew conducted a search of the structure and assisted with scene lighting, salvage and overhaul. The house sustained heavy damage, while the neighboring house suffered some damage to the second floor and attic areas. Three residents were awakened by the fire and jumped from a second story window. The patients suffered broken limbs and burns, and were transported to area hospitals. Sadly, two dogs were lost in the fire.

About 8:00pm that same day, Baltimore County 911 received a report of a house fire on St. Gregory Drive in North Point Village. Engine 261 responded and provided water to the scene while it's crew conducted a search of the first floor. Squad 262 provided scene lighting. The fire was contained to a single bedroom.

In the evening of December 28Th, units from North Point-Edgemere and surrounding areas was alerted for reported house fire in the area Oak Road First arriving units determined it to be a chimney fire. Crews from Engine 261, Engine 9, Truck 15 and Squad 262 spent approximately two hours extinguishing the fire and clearing the chimney of flammable debris.



Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013   Happy New Year to all of our dedicated members and supporters throughout the neighborhood! Hoping you and your family have a safe New Year's and rest of 2014!



Tractor Trailer Over Turns

Wednesday, December 18, 2013  North Point- Edgemere was dispatched to a report of a tractor trailer roll over at the intersection of North Point Blvd and North Point Road.  Upon arrival, Squad 262 advised dispatch of one tractor trailer on its side.

After a quick scene survey,  the driver was found out of the vehicle and uninjured.  A request was made for Haz-Mat 15 and MDE due to a large diesel leak from the vehicle fuel tanks.

Crews from Squad 262, Sparrows Point E-57, and Eastview Haz-Mat 15 utilized several bags of dust absorbent to contain the large fuel spill.  MDE arrived and offloaded both fuel tanks and finished cleaning the remaining absorbent.  The fuel was contained to the area of the roadway and did not threaten any critical areas.

The driver of the vehicle reported while making the turn onto North Point Blvd from Bethlehem Blvd., the load shifted and overturned the vehicle.  The driver was able to self- extricate from the vehicle unharmed.

Northbound North Point Blvd remained closed throughout the evening rush hour, causing traffic issues throughout Edgemere.  Baltimore Towing was able to remove the vehicle after several hours.  Baltimore County Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement is currently investigating.



Busy weekend for North Point-Edgemere Volunteers

Fire Box 9-3, 3100blk Lynch Rd.

Fire Box 9-3, 3100blk Lynch Rd.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013  The Wintry weather weekend brought several calls to North Point - Edgemere, with multiple medical and fire responses throughout the weekend.  On Saturday, December 6Th, Squad 262 was alerted for a report of a building fire at Patapsco High School.  Wise Avenue Engine 271 arrived on scene and reported a false alarm.  Sunday, December 7Th, Squad 262 was alerted for a reported motor vehicle accident with subjects trapped on I695. Engine 15 arrived to find that all occupants were able to exit the vehicle, and placed Squad 262 in service.
    On Sunday, December 8Th, Just after 2:00, Edgemere Engine 9 was alerted for an unknown fire on Lynch Road. Engine 9 arrived to find smoke visible from the attic of a residential dwelling, and requested a Fire Box. Engine 261 and Squad 262 were alerted and responded. E261 assisted with water supply from the hydrant and the crew reported to the basement and attic to assist with locating and extinguishing the fire. It was discovered that the fire was in the wall, extending from the basement to the attic. S262 was assigned to open the exterior wall to extinguish the fire.

    Shortly after returning to the station from the previous call, Engine 261 was alerted for a reported dwelling fire on Jasmine Road in Dundalk. First arriving units found a furnace that had malfunctioned, and placed Engine 261 in service.



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