26-1 Auto Fire

Monday, February 3, 2014 0948hrs  Station 26 was alerted for an auto fire in the parking lot of St Luke's Church, just off North Point Road almost directly across from the station. Engines 261 and 263 arrived to find an old model station wagon with a fully involved engine compartment. Crews put the fire out quickly, leaving minimal damage to the passenger area.



Ice Rescue Training

Saturday, February 1, 2014   In the wake of a recent call and recent severe cold, members conducted Ice Rescue training in the back of the Edgemere Senior Center. Members practiced donning Ice Rescue suits, removing a patient from the ice and returning them to shore, and how to handle the rescuers lifeline. An unexpected result of the very cold weather, members experienced some difficulty creating a hole due to very thick ice.



26-6 Ice Rescue

Saturday, January 25, 2014 0649hrs Engine 263, Squad 262, and other Baltimore County units were dispatched to a report of a boat stuck in the ice with people aboard. Squad 262 arrived first on Bay Front Road and were able to spot four boaters stuck in the ice approximately 200 yards offshore. A good Samaritan was on scene when units arrived, and was able to help the stranded boaters to a nearby marina prior to fire department response on the water. All of the boaters were uninjured. The ice rescue assignment brought the dive team from Middle River Volunteer Rescue Company, the swift water rescue team from Arbutus Volunteer Fire Department, and surrounding Baltimore County units including the Advance Tactical Rescue team from Station 17.



Garage Fire on Willow Spring Road

Saturday, January 25, 2014 0254hrs  Squad 262 and other east side units were alerted for an early morning fire in the Dundalk area. First arriving units found a small fire in a detached garage, and were quickly able to extinguish the fire. Squad 262 stood by at location for scene lighting.



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